Dresses and Shrimp!

seafood boilWe had a somewhat eventful weekend. Friday night my mom came into town and the ladies (Jess, her mom, my mom) went wedding dress shopping at a few local places on Saturday morning. The big news out of that trip is that she found a wedding dress! I can’t really tell you anything about the dress, other than it is white… since apparently it’s illegal for me to know anything about the bride’s gown. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even know that it’s white, and have probably ruined the entire wedding with that tidbit of information in my head… oh well. My tuxedos will be a surprise for her too. I’ll give you a sneak peek… shhh don’t tell. Hopefully her new dress matches light blue and light purple since that’s what I’m leaning towards at the moment. I might even go for an orange one for my groom’s tux, to make me stand out a bit.

Later Saturday evening we held the first (annual?) seafood boil in city park. It turned out great! We even had a special surprise cake for Jess’ birthday (which is today). Photos are up in the photo area.

P.S. The first event in The Best Man Challenge will be coming very soon!

Brown Deer Golf Club

Well, it’s official (not that it wasn’t official before) the reception will be at the Brown Deer Golf Club in Coralville. As of this afternoon, the contract was signed and the deposit has been made. Out of all the wedding receptions that Jess and I have attended in the past several years, (a LOT) Brown Deer has been our favorite reception hall. It’s a nice new facility with a wall of windows and a nice balcony overlooking Coralville’s Brown Deer Golf Course.

browndeer inside browndeer outside