Dresses and Shrimp!

seafood boilWe had a somewhat eventful weekend. Friday night my mom came into town and the ladies (Jess, her mom, my mom) went wedding dress shopping at a few local places on Saturday morning. The big news out of that trip is that she found a wedding dress! I can’t really tell you anything about the dress, other than it is white… since apparently it’s illegal for me to know anything about the bride’s gown. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even know that it’s white, and have probably ruined the entire wedding with that tidbit of information in my head… oh well. My tuxedos will be a surprise for her too. I’ll give you a sneak peek… shhh don’t tell. Hopefully her new dress matches light blue and light purple since that’s what I’m leaning towards at the moment. I might even go for an orange one for my groom’s tux, to make me stand out a bit.

Later Saturday evening we held the first (annual?) seafood boil in city park. It turned out great! We even had a special surprise cake for Jess’ birthday (which is today). Photos are up in the photo area.

P.S. The first event in The Best Man Challenge will be coming very soon!

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  1. Looks good. You should do it in Atlantic some time.

  2. The German-Irish Rose says:

    671 . . . 672 . . . 673 . . . Oh, Hi! Just doing my “ring lift” exercises. Hope that first challenge comes soon, I’ve been over here in the eastern Himalayas working out since the busy summer season wrapped up. I hope the weather is nice out there in Iowa!

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