About Us

As the domain suggests, this site is about Scott and Jessica… and all of our fabulous adventures together.

How did Scott and Jessica meet?
Scott and Jess first crossed paths in the late Summer of 1998 at Jess’ very first Hawkeye Marching Band rehearsal. Scott, a trumpet player, ended up sitting behind the Mellophone section, including Ms. Jessica Malott. If you ask him, he’ll admit that young Jessica did catch his eye that night. Turns out the next day when attendance block was lined up for the first time Scott and Jessica were lined up next to each other. This close proximity ultimately lent itself to the two eventually speaking.

Skip ahead a few years. Scott had some friends that were friends of Jess and Jess had some friends that were friends of Scott, but the two of them only occasionally crossed paths up until Winter of 2001. One of those mutual friends decided to play puppetmaster and encouraged Scott to give Jess a call and ask her out. Well, since Scott had had his eye on Jess before, he couldn’t dial the phone fast enough. Jess and Scott went on their first date Janurary 19th, 2001. 1276* dates later, Scott and Jessica are still going strong.

What’s included in this site?
This site will house information about what’s going on in our lives. We’ll try and keep the blog up to date with things we’re doing and the gallery will hold pictures of all our adventures (or at least the ones where we have a camera with us). So sit back, relax and have yourself a heaping spoonful of ScottAndJessica.net.

*this number may not be accurate