Best Man Challenge: Winner!

bestmanlogo_sm.jpgThe ballots have been counted, and the votes have been totaled. We’ve finally got a winner in Scott’s Best Man Challenge! It was an incredibly close race with some fierce competition. All competitors were in top conditioning and I know it was a hard decision for the judges. Every one of the contestants could easily be the best man. This makes me feel good knowing that if a ring gets dropped, or if someone stumbles over a toast, there are two other fully capable groomsmen waiting and watching for their chance.

Candidates were judged in several events over the course of the challenge.

Bio – The written biographies of each candidate
1. Bachelor Party Plans – Individual presentations for bachelor party plans
2. Trivia Trivia questions about the future bride and groom
3. T-Shirt – Take the most creative photo in the official BMC t-shirt
Overall – The individual judge’s overall choice for best man

  Corey Jon Kieran
Bio 1 2 0
1- Bachelor Party 0 0 3
2- Trivia 13 11.5 12.5
3- T-shirts 1 1 1
Overall 0 1 2
Total 15 15.5 18.5

(table shows each round and the number of votes from the 3 judges each challenger received)


BMC #3: The Photos

The results of Best Man Challenge #3 are in. Three photos from three challengers.

Best Man Root Canal

Best Man to Infinity

Super Best Man

The judges will begin deliberating the fate of these three challengers. We just might have a best man soon… just in time to print wedding programs!


Best Man Challenge #3: T-shirt

bestmanlogo_sm.jpgWe’ve finally made it to the third (and possibly final?) Best Man Challenge. This challenge will again test your creativity skills, as well as your photography skills (or the skills of whoever you end up handing the camera to).

All best man challengers will receive an official “Scott’s Best Man Challenge” t-shirt in the mail. The task is to take the most creative photo you can of yourself wearing this lovely shirt. Originality will count! No Photoshop! Keep an eye on your mailbox for your new shirt to arrive, and get those cameras shooting.

Final photos need to be received by lucky Friday April 13th. We’re coming down to the end here folks. We’ll have a best man before you know it.


BMC #2: Trivia Answers

Scott Trivia

  1. What is Scott’s favorite flavor of Mentos?
    A: would have accepted grape or peach
    Jon: Peach (+1)
    Corey: Trick Question, Scott Loves them all. (true, but I do have favorites +1/2)
    Kieran: Grape (+1)
  2. What is Scott’s favorite color?
    A: dark green
    Jon: Blue (+0)
    Corey: Taupe. Who doesn’t love Taupe. Second favorite – Green. (+1)
    Kieran: Blue (+0)
  3. Name two of Scott’s top 5 favorite movies.
    A: Magnolia, Rain Man, Donnie Darko, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
    Jon: Magnolia, Garden State (+1)
    Corey: Rain Man, Magnolia, Donnie Darko. Oops, that was three. (+1)
    Kieran: Magnolia and Garden State (+1)
  4. What is Scott’s favorite Culver’s treat?
    A: chocolate eclair flavored custard
    Jon: Custard? Butterburger? Maybe a custard butterburger? (+0)
    Corey: Hot Fudge Sundae (+0)
    Kieran: Rootbeer float (+0)
  5. Where did Scott work before U of Iowa?
    A: Iowa Public Television
    Jon: I don’t know how far back you are referring to, Radio Station (KJAN), RA, Magician, multimedia specialist in The University of Iowa Department of Physiology and Biophysics, instructional designer at Iowa Public Television in Des Moines (+2)
    Corey: A little place called IPTV. It was magical. (it was magical! +1)
    Kieran: Iowa Public Television (+1)
  6. What was Scott’s major in college? (extra point if you can name his minor)
    A: Major: Communications, Media Productions Minor: Art, Graphic Design
    Jon: Spanish, UWA (underwater basket weaving) (-1 spanish +1 UWA +0 total)
    Corey: Major: Communications Minor: Tae Kwan Do (+1/2)
    Kieran: Communications, minor in Film (+1/2)
  7. True or False: Scott drank bleach as a child.
    A: sad, but true
    Jon: false (+0)
    Corey: true (+1)
    Kieran: true (+1)
  8. Name two of Scott’s high school jobs.
    A: Atlantic Theater, Lifeguard, KJAN Disc Jockey, Darkroom monkey
    Jon: Radio Station, Darkroom for Fredrick’s Photography (+1)
    Corey: Theatre Employee Extraordinaire and Radio Station Disc Jockey (+1)
    Kieran: Radio DJ in Atlantic, Movie theater employee (+1)

Jess Trivia

  1. What is Jess’s favorite flavor of Mentos?
    A: Green Apple
    Jon: Mint (+0)
    Corey: Strawberry (+0)
    Kieran: apple (+1)
  2. What was Jess’s major in college?
    A: Spanish & Communications
    Jon: Political Science? English? (+0)
    Corey: Scott’s very favorite subject, Spanish (+1)
    Kieran: Spanish (pre-law) (+1)
  3. Where did Jess go to law school?
    A: Drake
    Jon: Drake (+1)
    Corey: Drake University in beautiful Des Moines, IA (+1)
    Kieran: Drake (+1)
  4. What city does Jess live in now?
    A: Davenport, IA
    Jon: Davenport (+1)
    Corey: A little place called Davenport, where the beer flows like wine (it does flow like wine there! +1)
    Kieran: Davenport (+1)

Scott & Jess Trivia

  1. What year in college were Scott and Jess when they went on their first date?
    A: Scott:Sr. Jess: Jr.
    Jon: Jess Junior, Scott Senior (+1)
    Corey: Scott was a Senior and Jess was a Junior. (+1)
    Kieran: Scott – senior, Jess – junior (+1)
  2. What flavor of Mentos did Jess and Scott have the day they got engaged?
    A: Green Apple (see the wrapper)
    Jon: Green Apple Mentos (+1)
    Corey: Green Apple (+1)
    Kieran: grape (+0)
  3. Name the Mexican ruin where Jess and Scott got engaged.
    A: Tulum
    Jon: Tulum (+1)
    Corey: Tulum -I feel it is worth noting that I cheated for the last two answers and looked at the archives of (not cheating, resourcefulness +1)
    Kieran: Tulum (+1)

Bonus Questions (extra points!)

  1. What movie did Scott and Jess see on their first date?
    A: Save the Last Dance
    Jon: Don’t know, but it was at Coral Ridge. I think ice skating was involved, just like Rocky and Adrian (or maybe I made that up) (you did make that up, but I like it! +1)
    Corey: I have no idea (+0)
    Kieran: Magnolia (+0)
  2. Do you like Mentos?
    A: hopefully the answer to this one is obvious!
    Jon: I enjoyed them at my wedding. (more Mentos enthusiasm! +1/2)
    Corey: No, I LOVE Mentos (right answer! +1)
    Kieran: no, I LOVE them (right on! +1)

Totals (tight race!)

Jon: 11.5pts.
Corey: 13pts.
Kieran: 12.5pts.

Best Man Challenge #2: Trivia

bestmanlogo_sm.jpgChallenge #2 will test how well you know the groom (and the bride). Promptness counts in submitting your answers!

Scott Trivia

  1. What is Scott’s favorite flavor of Mentos?
  2. What is Scott’s favorite color?
  3. Name two of Scott’s top 5 favorite movies.
  4. What is Scott’s favorite Culver’s treat?
  5. Where did Scott work before U of Iowa?
  6. What was Scott’s major in college? (extra point if you can name his minor)
  7. True or False: Scott drank bleach as a child.
  8. Name two of Scott’s high school jobs.

Jess Trivia

  1. What is Jess’s favorite flavor of Mentos?
  2. What was Jess’s major in college?
  3. Where did Jess go to law school?
  4. What city does Jess live in now?

Scott & Jess Trivia

  1. What year in college were Scott and Jess when they went on their first date?
  2. What flavor of Mentos did Jess and Scott have the day they got engaged?
  3. Name the Mexican ruin where Jess and Scott got engaged.

Bonus Questions (extra points!)

  1. What movie did Scott and Jess see on their first date?
  2. Do you like Mentos?

All of you tuning in at home can participate as well, just don’t post you answers on the site until all of the best man entries have been received. We’ll provide correct answers after everything is in.

The Entries for Best Man Challenge #1

bestmanlogo_sm.jpgI know you’ve all been waiting patiently for this. I take all the blame for not getting this up sooner (even Corey got his to me in a somewhat timely fashion). Below you will see the three entries for Scott’s Best Man Challenge #1: Bachelor Party. There were a couple PowerPoint presentations submitted for this challenge, so for best viewing, you’ll need to view them with PowerPoint. I’ve also included a PDF version of those presentations for those of you who are PowerPoint challenged (but you won’t get the full effect via the PDF).

(if you don’t have PowerPoint, you can download Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer or OpenOffice for free to view the presentations)

Best Man Challenge Bios: Corey Metzger

Corey “The Carbohydrater” Metzger
CoreyThe Carbohydrater, with his impeccable sense of style, arrives fashionably late to the competition, as always. This is also a brilliant tactical move, letting the other two competitors sling mud at each other while waiting to pounce like a rabid flying squirrel, at just the right moment.

The Great Lakes Region has come to know “The Carbohydrater” as a constant favorite to win any “Best Man Challenge” in which he participates. To date he sports a near perfect record of 34-1-1, with the 1 loss coming during a severe bout with botulism, and the one tie in a fierce battle with the groom’s siamese-twin brother. Corey’s unrivaled bachelor party planning, his flawless ring delivery skills, and his remarkable toasting technique have only served to strengthen his legendary status.

None of this may matter, however as the Carbohydrater recently suffered a debilitating shuffleboard accident that threatened not only his career, but also his very life. The Carbohydrater has been working around the clock to return to competitive form by eating copious quantities of bread, pasta, and cereal. He believes he has recovered fully from this tragedy and is poised to make the comeback of the century, if not the millenium.

In addition to the time spent working on his rehabilitation, the Carbohydrater recently changed jobs to allow him to focus his full attention on this Best Man Challenge. This was done due to the fact that the competition appears to be the most formidable he has faced to date. Other steps have been taken as well. To create a stronger unspoken bond with the groom, the Carbohydrater is driving a Honda Civic, adding Mentos to his daily diet, and learning Copa Cabana in eighteen different languages.

This Best Man Challenge will go down not only in the history books, but also in folk lore as the greatest Best Man Challenge ever held. That is why The Carbohydrater has pledged to do whatever it takes to win. That’s right, WHATEVER IT TAKES. The competition should watch out.

“Corey sure seems to like to stand in line, he’d probably do a good job standing in a church!”
Jimmy –Assistant Manager – Funnel Cake Hut – Six Flags Great America – Three Time Winner of “The Slowest Employee at the Slowest Place on Earth Award” and future manager of Gurnee, Illinois DMV Driver’s License Center

billpaxton.gif“I’m Bill Paxton, and I say “Game over man… Game over!” That is what happens when The Carbohydrater enters any Best Man Challenge.”
Bill Paxton – International Movie Star and perennial favorite to win an Oscar due to his astounding acting range and abilities

“Given the number of outings he has had as a best man it’s hard to believe he has only lost three rings!”
Corey’s sixth grade teacher (who also happens to be his mother and the groom’s summer mother)

PDF of Corey’s Bio

Best Man Challenge #1: Bachelor Party

Scott's Bestman ChallengeThe long-awaited Best Man Challenge has finally begun! Challenge number one is to plan my bachelor party. Creativity counts! Make sure the party is:

  • Something that I would enjoy doing (duh)
  • Is actually achievable – I’d love to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, but that might just be a bit out of reach for a bachelor party.
  • Something unique (no stereotypical bachelor party)

The plan can be presented in any way you want.

  • On paper
  • Video
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • PowerPoint
  • Diorama

Contestants will be judged on the creativity of the activity, presentation, achievability, and of course, whether or not it’s something I’d enjoy doing.

Best Man Challenge Bios: Jon Reberry

Jon “The Big Frost” Reberry

jon Fresh off the Rocky Mountain Nationals circuit, this fresh faced competitor could be the one to beat. With years of high altitude training, harsh climate survival training, and rapid mountain decent expertise Jon should destroy the competition. If challenges include “igloo building”, “high ropes courses”, or “high speed downhill tree maneuvering”, Frosty will be a shoo-in. On top of extensive mountain experience, Frosty possess unparalleled underwater training; including (but not limited to) “world underwater twister champion”, Florida’s “top shark wrestler”, and has the national title of “Best up and coming underwater paintball man/woman to look out for in 2007” by NUPA (National Underwater Paintball Association). If you are concerned about endurance, you don’t have to look any further than Jon. His ability to hold his breath underwater for extended periods of time is only outmatched by the Groom himself. Again, if any of these skills are transferable to this summer’s Best Man circuit then the competition might as well stay home. If you thought this competition couldn’t get any easier for big Jon, this fierce competitor has also been honing his aerial skills. With thousands of freefall hours under his belt Jon should be the competitor of choice if we see any “freefall backgammon” or “nose-diving computer assembly” categories. Of course, even the strongest competitor has their weaknesses. If this season’s categories have anything to do with remembering names, giving speeches, remembering events, dancing, or really remembering anything at all, this competitor could be in for a world of hurt.

baby jon“Jon takes to the water in exactly the same way that a cow doesn’t. “
-D. Adams

“Jon’s game face is unmatched. Even at less than a year old his game face would make all the neighborhood babies wet their pants in fear. The competition this summer should beware.”
-Jon’s Mom

“Jon has real ultimate power. I can’t believe it sometimes, but I feel it inside my heart. Jon is totally awesome and that’s a fact. Jon is fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet. I can’t wait to start yoga next year.”
-Robert (chief editor of

Best Man Challenge Bios: Kieran Leopold

Kieran “The German Irish Rose” Leopold

KieranThe Midwestern States Best Man Challenge Regional Circuit has a sure bet: Kieran “The German-Irish Rose” Leopold. The German-Irish Rose, or “The GIR” as his competition have begun to call him, tears through compulsory challenges like he was reading the morning paper. Leopold produces results on game day like a professional rock star. His antics at the 1997 Southern Wisconsin Best Man Challenge District competition, where he trounced a record-holding thirteen contenders to earn the coveted seat at the Navotony Van Deusselhornerdorfenstern ceremony, earned him unprecedented bragging rights as well as a lifetime supply of fat-free Swiss Cheese. Currently, The GIR is in isolation and training in the eastern Himalayas for the grueling Summer season, preparing for an opportunity to move up to the majors. In addition to holding the world record for the perfect speech, Leopold also enjoys keeping items of small size and great value safe from harm, dancing with perfect strangers (including Balki Bartokomous) and has been known to use the catch phrase, “Ah, but you see, I am really not right-handed!”

“His aisle maneuvers are the best, he really brings down the house”
-Ivan Escobar, Bride Today

“This guy knows how to toast!”
-Jed Busch, Nuptial Tintinnabulum

“He’s the best man around. A real winner!”
-Robbie Hart, Professional Wedding Singer

“Juss lissen. Thiss guy has venny hapten all ofver the place. Really.”
-Elizabeth Taylor, accomplished bride

PDF Version of Kieran’s Bio