4 Replies to “We picked the date!”

  1. Paula Maddy says:

    Yeah! I’m so excited, although my calendar doesn’t extend that far into 2007, I have already made the notation! And may I add that you 2 picked an excellent date, because I don’t even have to work that weekend!!!!! Cory and I, and the baby ( hopefully he will have a name by then) will totally be there! Paula

  2. luckily, my calendar does extend that far (go microsoft outlook!) and the date is entered. in stone. just in case something else comes up that date. 🙂

  3. Ben, Katie, Luke, & Baby says:

    Wow, you were on top of things Jess & Scott! We were married July 13 so will never forget your anniversary. 😉 The wedding countdown is hilarious; I can’t believe it’s down to the second.

  4. Emily Donovan says:

    Hi Scott & Jess,
    I’m so excited for you…I would comment about how there are only 94 days left, but its about time already. =) Can’t wait to see you, and everyone else.

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