Brown Deer Golf Club

Well, it’s official (not that it wasn’t official before) the reception will be at the Brown Deer Golf Club in Coralville. As of this afternoon, the contract was signed and the deposit has been made. Out of all the wedding receptions that Jess and I have attended in the past several years, (a LOT) Brown Deer has been our favorite reception hall. It’s a nice new facility with a wall of windows and a nice balcony overlooking Coralville’s Brown Deer Golf Course.

browndeer inside browndeer outside

3 Replies to “Brown Deer Golf Club”

  1. absolutely gorgeous. good job!

  2. Kristen & Mike says:

    Hmmmm… I noticed that out of ALL the wedding receptions you attended in the past couple of years this place was your favorite. OUCH. 🙂 JK

  3. Favorite that doesn’t require 8 hours of driving!

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