BMC #3: The Photos

The results of Best Man Challenge #3 are in. Three photos from three challengers.

Best Man Root Canal

Best Man to Infinity

Super Best Man

The judges will begin deliberating the fate of these three challengers. We just might have a best man soon… just in time to print wedding programs!


5 thoughts on “BMC #3: The Photos

  1. Yeah, we are not announcing who the best man is at our wedding. 😉 Although, it would be kind of fun to do a “Price is Right” type shout out to the best man and tell him to “come on down” to the altar. Just a thought.

  2. Hey, props to the other two contestants for creative photos, those are really great, guys! Good luck to all, and . . . dare I say it?

    “May the Best Man win!”

  3. Hah, go UIHC! It was there or the Java House, and something told me that it would be easier to get a shot in the hospital rather than the always busy (and often judgmental) coffee house. . . I did have to sign-in at the security desk. That was interesting; explaining why I was there in a tux.

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