Best Man Challenge #3: T-shirt

bestmanlogo_sm.jpgWe’ve finally made it to the third (and possibly final?) Best Man Challenge. This challenge will again test your creativity skills, as well as your photography skills (or the skills of whoever you end up handing the camera to).

All best man challengers will receive an official “Scott’s Best Man Challenge” t-shirt in the mail. The task is to take the most creative photo you can of yourself wearing this lovely shirt. Originality will count! No Photoshop! Keep an eye on your mailbox for your new shirt to arrive, and get those cameras shooting.

Final photos need to be received by lucky Friday April 13th. We’re coming down to the end here folks. We’ll have a best man before you know it.


2 Replies to “Best Man Challenge #3: T-shirt”

  1. You say “no photoshop” yet this shirt clearly has an unnatural photoshopped glow to it . . . hmmm.

  2. This is an over-the-top blog post (photoshop=ok), not an entry into a highly prestigious best man challenge (photoshop=NOT ok).

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