Best Man Challenge: Winner!

bestmanlogo_sm.jpgThe ballots have been counted, and the votes have been totaled. We’ve finally got a winner in Scott’s Best Man Challenge! It was an incredibly close race with some fierce competition. All competitors were in top conditioning and I know it was a hard decision for the judges. Every one of the contestants could easily be the best man. This makes me feel good knowing that if a ring gets dropped, or if someone stumbles over a toast, there are two other fully capable groomsmen waiting and watching for their chance.

Candidates were judged in several events over the course of the challenge.

Bio – The written biographies of each candidate
1. Bachelor Party Plans – Individual presentations for bachelor party plans
2. Trivia Trivia questions about the future bride and groom
3. T-Shirt – Take the most creative photo in the official BMC t-shirt
Overall – The individual judge’s overall choice for best man

  Corey Jon Kieran
Bio 1 2 0
1- Bachelor Party 0 0 3
2- Trivia 13 11.5 12.5
3- T-shirts 1 1 1
Overall 0 1 2
Total 15 15.5 18.5

(table shows each round and the number of votes from the 3 judges each challenger received)

kieran.jpgKieran “The German Irish Rose” Leopold

Kieran now needs to get down to business with planning the bachelor party for real (the groomsmen can help here if they’d like), and brushing up on his toasting skills.

Thanks to all the candidates for putting up with this craziness. I’m glad that all of you will be there with Jess and me to celebrate the special day. And remember, if the best man goes down, the next in line needs to jump right in there (that’s why we’ve got 3!).

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  1. Good job to all candidates and Congrats Kieran!

  2. This. Is. Awesome. Nice work.

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