One More Month

groomzilla.jpgIf your eyes happened to creep over to the left column of our site today, you’ll have noticed that today is only one month until the wedding. I figured since I haven’t posted in a while (since the exciting conclusion of the best man challenge) I’d give everyone an update on crazy planning that has been happening as we get closer and closer to the big day.

Everyone needs details now! All the deposits we’ve made, and the people we’ve signed contracts for need to fill in the gaps for all the little things now. We’re working with the church to figure out how this whole things is going down, and where people need to be, and what people are going to say, and what songs we’re going to sing. We’ve worked with the reception folks to pick out food (our food tasting was IN-FREAKIN-CREDIBLE!), where things are going to go, when we cut the cake, when we have dinner, and when we start to party. We’ve also been working on what flowers we’re going to have, what photos we’re going to take, how we’re going to get from one place to another, what music we’re going to play, where people are going spend the night… you get the picture. I think I can safely say things are falling into place.

Last weekend Jess had a bridal shower and bachelorette party. I obviously wasn’t allowed to attend, but from what I heard, they had a pretty good time. We’re heading to my parent’s next weekend for a shower there, and I’m having my bachelor party in a couple weeks. Everything is definitely coming together, and we’re getting more and more excited for the big day. July 14th will be here before we know it!

2 thoughts on “One More Month

  1. And what Kate meant by “enjoy this last month”, was have wild promiscuous sex with many anonymous partners while at the same time experimenting with mind expanding drugs in a consequence free environment.

    I can’t miss an opportunity for an Austin Powers quote.

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