Fast Approaching…

bachelor partyWell folks, we’re down to one week before the wedding festivities begin. Can you feel the stress?!? Actually, it isn’t really very stressful (maybe that will happen later). Everything is coming together very nicely. We’ve got final meetings with all the major players next week before the fun begins and people start to show up for the big day.

Last weekend I had my bachelor party. Best Man Challenge winner, Kieran, planned a trip out to the Wisconsin Dells. We left early last Saturday morning for Wisconsin (with a short pit stop to buy steaks) . Our first stop was Noah’s Ark, “America’s Largest Water Park.” Four of us drove up from Iowa City and met several others at the park. After a day of water slides and wave pools (I’ve got the sunburn to prove it), we checked into a duplex on the lake. We made a quick trip to the store for provisions, and grilled up a delicious steak-filled dinner. After dinner, we walked down to the beach where they had a nice fire pit going. We pretty much just sat around the pit for the rest of the night, before turning in. The next morning we got up and went to Pirates Cove Adventure Golf for a nice round of putt putt. We grabbed a quick lunch and then went our separate ways. All in all, a pretty good time! You can check out photos from the trip in the gallery.

I think we’re experiencing the calm before the storm at the moment. Once things start moving next week, they won’t slow down for a while. After the wedding, Jess and I are leaving for Dreams Resort – Puerto Vallarta, and 5 nights of doing nothing but relaxing. When we come back, the craziness continues. I don’t think we’ve posted about it here yet, but Jess and I will soon be moving to Tucson, AZ. Jess got a job with Customs and Border Protection as an Attorney Advisor. So within a few days of our return to the US, we’ll be combining all of our belongings and throwing them (gently) into a big ole’ truck and driving to the dessert. So, needless the say, the rest of our summer is going to be pretty crazy. As always, keep your browsers tuned to for the rest of our adventures… we’ll keep you posted.

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