October & November Catch Up Post

Loyal Blog Readers: Boy, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you, what’s been going on with Scott and Jessica?

ScottandJessica.net: Funny you should ask, we’ve actually been pretty busy the last few months.

Loyal Blog Readers: Well, as far as we know, the last thing that happened was a few people visited you, and you did some fun things.

ScottandJessica.net: Let us bring you up to speed on the latest happenings.

Loyal Blog Readers: Good! We can’t wait!

ScottandJessica.net: Let’s start out with a trip back to Iowa in October. We took a trip back to attend Iowa’s homecoming game. We both played in the alumni band. Jess has done it a couple times, but it was Scott’s first time in alumni band. He hadn’t picked up his trumpet in 10-plus years. Fortunately it still worked, and played well enough to march through pre-game in an Iowa win over Michigan. We got a taste of some fall weather, and even a bit of snow in the morning before the game. Check out photos from the trip in the gallery.

Loyal Blog Readers: Wow! That sounds like it was a pretty fun trip! Go Hawks! Did you guys do anything fun for Halloween?

ScottandJessica.net: Funny you should ask, we went to a couple of Halloween parties, and had a good time dressed as Mario and Princess Peach (y’know, from Super Mario Brothers?!?). You can see some lovely pictures from Halloween in the gallery.

Loyal Blog Readers: Ha ha ha! What great costumes!!! Looks like you had a good Halloween. You guys usually post home improvements on the site, have you done anything to the house lately?

ScottandJessica.net: Actually, we did just finish up a small project. We’d been talking for quite some time about getting curtains for the master bedroom (the blinds didn’t quite block out the STRONG Arizona sun). We took a trip to Phoenix to visit grandma a couple weeks ago, and swung by IKEA on our way home, and believe it or not, bought some new curtains. Before hanging the curtains, we decided to go a bit further, and paint one of the walls in the room (for you TLC/DIY/Home&Garden/HGTV watchers, it’s known as an “Accent Wall”). And before looking at the photos, you can probably guess what color it is…

Loyal Blog Readers: Green!

ScottandJessica.net: What can we say? We like green. Anyway, check out the photos below, of our new and improved bedroom.

Loyal Blog Readers: The room looks nice… and that’s a lovely, “accent wall!” (like how we threw that into conversation?!?)

ScottandJessica.net: Why, thank you! So far, we’re enjoying it – less sun in the morning, is always a good thing.

Loyal Blog Readers: Thanks for the update, and try not to let it go so long without a post next time.

ScottandJessica.net: Sorry about that… we’ll try.

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  1. Nice accent pillows for your bed by your accent wall. It accentuates the accented accent. (I typed that with a British accent, btw.)

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