Autumn Visitors

The temps are starting to cool a bit, and that means a few visitors from the North start to arrive. First Jess had her birthday, and as part of her birthday surprise we went to the Arizona Sky Center on top of Mt. Lemmon. Tom and Marj just got into town so they joined us on our star-gazing adventure. We drove to the top of the mountain around 4pm, and then spend the next several hours looking through various telescopes. The top of Mt. Lemmon is home to quite a few observatories controlled by different groups around the world. We did most of our looking through a 24″ telescope at various celestial bodies. The next day we took a trip out to Biosphere 2. Jess and I had been there before, but the tour we took this time was different than our last one. They’ve recently opened up the rain forest section to the tour, which was pretty (wet) cool.

Later in the week my parents arrived after spending some time at a conference on San Juan Island near Seattle. We had dinner with Tom and marj a couple nights, then took a tour of the Titan Missile Museum. The museum was an actual Titan II missile silo that was active during the cold war. We got up close and personal with the missile and Jess got to sit in the commander’s chair and participate in the launch sequence.

As always, photos are up in the gallery.

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