More Visitors and a New Backsplash

This past week we had a few more visitors from Iowa. My parents came out to spend some time in the Arizona sun. They did see some nice weather, but we put them to work. Brian’s new house needed some TLC, so we went up to Casa Grande on Saturday to help paint. They’d already done a good deal of painting and patching before we arrived. A fresh coat of paint really made things look nice. Then on Sunday they came back to Tucson (Brian came too) to help out with another house project. We installed a glass tile backsplash in our kitchen. That involved quite a few steps, as well as renting a tile saw. So on Sunday we cut and stuck the tiles to the wall. Brian manned the saw. Then on Monday, we finished with the grout. Jess and I have been finishing up little odds and ends up until today with sealing the grout, and re caulking the wall/counter break. We are finally done. You can see some photos below, and of course, another time lapse video of the process. Thanks to everyone who came and helped!

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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