Birthday Surprise

I hit a milestone last weekend with the big 3-0 birthday. For several months now, Jess has been telling me not to plan anything for my birthday weekend since I had a surprise coming. Up until last Friday night, I had no clue what was going to happen (despite my relentless prodding).  She told me that Nancy and Robert were going to come over for dinner, so I was in the back yard preparing a shrimp boil. The doorbell rang, and Jess told me to answer it. Brother Brian was at our door, here to join us for dinner. He went out back with me to help with the boil. At a little bit after 7,  we heard a yell around the corner of the house. Apparently Nancy and Robert were here, and we weren’t answering the doorbell since we couldn’t hear it out back. I went in and opened the door, and Kieran (along with Nancy and Robert) was standing there on the front porch. Jess had used her frequent flier miles to fly Kieran out to Tucson for the weekend… I was pretty surprised.

We all enjoyed dinner together, then opened some birthday gifts before Nancy and Robert took off. The next day, we explored Tucson a bit with Kieran. We went up Mt. Lemmon geocaching for most of the day. We were four for four on the caches, and of course had to have pie at the top. After stuffing ourselves with pie, we came back to Tucson, cleaned up a bit and then went to Ra for sushi birthday dinner (sushi is the exact opposite of our pie lunch). After stuffing ourselves again, we headed home and played a few games I received as gifts. The next day, we went down to campus and walked around there a bit before a little mini golf and go cart racing. Then it was home for dinner and a few more games. I dropped Kieran off at the airport before work on Monday, and he was off to Iowa again. We had a good weekend, and Jess planned a great surprise! Take a look at photos in the gallery.

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