Desert Adventures

Recently we took a trip to Bisbee, Arizona–a tiny hippie town tucked away in the mountains about two hours outside of Tucson.  On our way to Bisbee, we decided to stop in Tombstone and maybe get a glimpse of the OK Corral.  Sadly, the tour was sold out, but we did see plenty of horsedrawn carriages and Tombstone (the movie) merchandise.  Unfortunately, our brief stop in Tombstone didn’t end well because it involved Scott stepping in horse poop.  I guess that’s just the chance you take when you go bacIMG_4976k in time to the Old West.

After our brief detour, we were on our way to Bisbee.  Bisbee is a quaint town, with lots of weird little town charm (i.e., the house with a bunch o’ crap stuck to its exterior).  We had a good time geocaching and exploring, IMG_4984but I would have to say my favorite part of the trip was going on the mine tour.  Bisbee was a big copper mining town so there are lots of abandoned mines dotting the area.  We also had an amazing meal at the Cafe Roka.  All in all, a good little weekend getaway.

I was not done traveling after we got back from Bisbee.  A day after we returned, I was scheduled to go to San Luis, Arizona, for work.  San Luis is a small border town roughly four hours west of Tucson.  Anyway, the trip there was fairly uneventful, but the trip back was something I will never forget.  My coworker and I got stuck in a sandstorm and had to be escorted out of the storm by Arizona DPS officers!  As you can see in the photos below, it was like blizzard whiteout conditions, but everything was orange.  At times we couldn’t even see the cars pulled off to the side with us.  Let’s just say I hope I never have to go through a sandstorm again!

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