A New Look for ScottandJessica.net

You’ve probably noticed the new design to scottandjessica.net. Well, this is something that I’ve had on the back burner for a little while now, and decided to finally pull the trigger. My dad took some good photos of us when we were in Iowa over Christmas that I stuck in the header. In addition to the new design, I’ve also changed our photo gallery to something that is a bit more clean (and faster too). The new gallery also allows users to leave comments on photos (it was turned off in the old gallery because of spam). So, take a look around, leave a comment (or two), and let us know if you notice something broken.

2 thoughts on “A New Look for ScottandJessica.net

  1. I love the new header image – fantastic! I was showing off your website to a colleague of mine Wednesday night since we were discussing web design of our Chamber Singers website and to my surprise the new look was already up!

    She was impressed too, btw.

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