Best Man Challenge Bios: Kieran Leopold

Kieran “The German Irish Rose” Leopold

KieranThe Midwestern States Best Man Challenge Regional Circuit has a sure bet: Kieran “The German-Irish Rose” Leopold. The German-Irish Rose, or “The GIR” as his competition have begun to call him, tears through compulsory challenges like he was reading the morning paper. Leopold produces results on game day like a professional rock star. His antics at the 1997 Southern Wisconsin Best Man Challenge District competition, where he trounced a record-holding thirteen contenders to earn the coveted seat at the Navotony Van Deusselhornerdorfenstern ceremony, earned him unprecedented bragging rights as well as a lifetime supply of fat-free Swiss Cheese. Currently, The GIR is in isolation and training in the eastern Himalayas for the grueling Summer season, preparing for an opportunity to move up to the majors. In addition to holding the world record for the perfect speech, Leopold also enjoys keeping items of small size and great value safe from harm, dancing with perfect strangers (including Balki Bartokomous) and has been known to use the catch phrase, “Ah, but you see, I am really not right-handed!”

“His aisle maneuvers are the best, he really brings down the house”
-Ivan Escobar, Bride Today

“This guy knows how to toast!”
-Jed Busch, Nuptial Tintinnabulum

“He’s the best man around. A real winner!”
-Robbie Hart, Professional Wedding Singer

“Juss lissen. Thiss guy has venny hapten all ofver the place. Really.”
-Elizabeth Taylor, accomplished bride

PDF Version of Kieran’s Bio

5 Replies to “Best Man Challenge Bios: Kieran Leopold”

  1. Christina says:

    I am routing for this guy!

  2. Christina says:

    What I meant to say is that “I am rooting for this guy!”

  3. Yeah, I’ve got her wiring the whole apartment for wireless. It’s part of my training for the challenge.

  4. Kizzy Schiefer says:

    I am diligently making my wedding toast just for the special day and am at this time comparing a bunch of examples that other individuals have used for their wedding parties.

  5. Russ Seivert says:

    No, no, no. Funniest best man toast by far is “Vic Always Gets What He Wants”, sung by his 3 younger brothers. They brought the house down!

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