We’re In!

Everything successfully made it from the old apartment to the new house with relatively little hassle (for a move). We moved in all the non-furniture items after picking up our keys last Tuesday morning, then movers took the furniture over on Wednesday. We have been unpacking boxes, and hooking stuff up since then. The keys were turned in for the apartment over the weekend, so I guess we’re official now. There is still a good load of boxes yet to unpack (we can’t park in our garage yet), and after things settle down a bit, we’ll be doing some painting. If you haven’t found them yet, new house photos are up in the gallery.

One thought on “We’re In!

  1. Jess!! Hey, I found your website online while searching for you. (I’m at work and don’t have your business card with me for your email). I’m wondering if your mom and dad are doing okay and surviving the floods. Let me know please.

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