Welcome Visitors!

Welcome to all you new scottandjessica.com visitors coming to check out what the heck that e-mail you received was all about. Well, this is it! Dig around and see what you can find… it may not be fancy, but it’s home. Definitely add this to your bookmarks, or at the very least, repeat the domain name out loud six times, or use some of these Simple Memorizing Techniques to help you remember.

Even though we’re on our cruise, I’ve cued up some exciting posts to show up over the next few days. Just trust me… you’ll want to check back!

10 thoughts on “Welcome Visitors!

  1. Something about the name scottandjessica.net has a nice ring to it, I’m not sure why, I can’t seem to put my finger on it. I propose that we check this site often to see what kind of adventures Scott and Jessica engage in on their cruise…

  2. So, looks like my brother spammed me this morning with a link to his new site. It reads like a PG rated naughty romance novel that I can’t put down! I PROPOSE that we all just wait patiently for the next big chapter in this novell.

  3. So Scott, I’ve flat out asked you at least a dozen times and you always deny everything …
    Have fun on the cruise!

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