Wedding Whirlwind

These last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for Scott and me.  Our wedding was absolutely fantastic.  Ok, I might be a little biased.  But really, it was so great to see everyone and celebrate.  We have some wedding pictures that we have been meaning to post for a really long time.  These pictures are from Scott’s camera so check them out if you have a minute.  We also have pictures posted from our rehearsal dinner and gift-opening.

The Wednesday after our wedding we left on our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was an awesome vacation!  The first day we did the canopy tour where we went to the rain forest and did the zip lines set up there.  It was absolutely amazing to be swinging through the trees at 400+ feet!  On the second day we went scuba diving around an island that was about an hour boat ride away from the port.  Scott took his underwater camera case along and was able to take some pretty great underwater photos.  The remaining days were spent lounging by the beach and soaking up the sun.  We did fit in parasailing, which was pretty incredible, I have to say.  Initially I was nervous about a little speed boat pulling me around the bay so I made Scott go first. 😉  He managed so I figured that I could handle it.  Let me tell you, if you ever have the opportunity to do it, you should, because it is an amazing experience being up so high above the water.  All in all, Scott and I had a really great honeymoon.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to our honeyfund account!  You definitely made our honeymoon a lot more fun.

We are currently in the middle of packing…and it’s pretty UN-fun.  After the excitement of our wedding and honeymoon, the reality that we need to pack up everything has finally set in and frankly I want to go back to Mexico!  But we are very excited to go somewhere new and packing is just a necessary evil, I suppose.  We’ll be picking up our 22-foot moving truck on Sunday and then heading out to Arizona on Wednesday, August 1.  We plan on arriving in Tucson on August 3 and then we’ll move into our apartment the following day.  Hopefully it all goes well!  We’ll be sure to post pictures of our move and our new place as soon as we can once we arrive.  Hopefully Scott and his dad can drive that 22-foot long moving truck without any problems!  Oh yeah, and did I mention that we’re towing Scott’s car behind the truck?  Yeah, it’s going to be LONG!

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  1. jess – do you have the pics from when we were getting hair done on your camera? can you post those or can i have copies? love the posted pics!

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