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diving.jpgSorry for the recent radio blog silence. We’re still alive. I’ll try and give a recap of the past few weeks. I think we’re starting to fit in here in AZ. The temperature is getting cooler. Don’t get me wrong, it is still hot, but not quite as hot as it was when we moved in. I’m looking forward to a nice 70 degrees when it’s bitter cold in Iowa. I’ll be the first to admit that I think I’m going to miss the snow though, but I don’t think Jess will mind the winter warmth. I’m just scared that it’s going to make me soft. Pretty soon I’ll need to put on a sweater when it his 65 degrees.

We’ve been keeping busy the past several weeks. Labor day weekend Jess and I drove to Santa Rosa, New Mexico to meet up with Jon and Liz and dive in a big natural springs called Blue Hole. It was a nice trip (though a pretty crummy hotel), and was good to get in some diving and see Jon and Liz. You can see photos from the trip in my Flickr account, or on Jon and Liz’s site. Jess and I then spent an extra day in Albuquerque wandering around. We explored “Old Town,” which has some nice shops, and had some good Mexican food at a place with a Spanish name that loosely translates to “Party House.”

The next weekend, we met a friend and went up Mt. Lemmon again for some geocaching… and of course some more delicious pie! If you can’t tell, we enjoy the excursions up the mountain (and we REALLY enjoy the pie!). I’m looking forward to trying out skiing up there. Yes, you read me correctly. I said skiing in Arizona. It was a bit of a shock to me as well, but apparently they get some snow on the summit, and have a ski area (which we’ve driven by a couple times now). So that is definitely something we’ll want to check out later in the year. We’ll be able to get those winter coats out eventually.

Jess’s sister is here now visiting for Jess’s birthday. We’ve been doing a little exploring (mostly through the various malls in Tucson) with her here. I think I’m just about shopped out. Tomorrow we’ve got reservations to take a cave tour in some caverns southeast of Tucson. Everyone we’ve talked to said they’re pretty cool, so that should be fun.

In other news, I’m finally employed. I start Monday at The University of Arizona as their new Web Manager. I’ll be working with and Being a house husband for a while was nice, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into the working world. I’m sure Jess is disappointed that she won’t be able to leave me “honey-do” lists in the morning any more. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Next weekend we’re going to the White Mountains with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Robert. They’ve got a cabin for the weekend, so we’ll head up there Friday night and just relax for a while. From what we’ve been told, there’s a few shops, and I’m sure we’ll do some geocaching while we’re there too. It should be a nice weekend away from Tucson.

2 thoughts on “This, That… The Other

  1. Scott,

    You are tired of shopping with jess and jo? Hang in there and good luck with your new job!


  2. you actually do the “honey-do” lists? mike stopped doing those before we were even married i think! yea for jess!

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