Skiing…in Arizona?

You’re probably asking yourself right now whether it actually snows in Arizona (can it be?).  I can attest to the fact that snow does in fact exist in Arizona because I have seen it with my own eyes.  A few weeks ago, we went skiing in Arizona’s  White Mountains, which are a few hours northeast of Tucson.  We skiied at the Sunrise Ski Resort just outside of Greer, which is the little town we stayed in.  We rented skis at the resort and hit the slopes for the day.  I have to say the snow was pretty good–nice and fluffy.  However, it was a lot warmer at the bottom of the mountain waiting for the ski lift than I thought it would be.  I probably could have done without that extra layer, but such is the fate of an Arizona skiier.  Otherwise, the skiing was great. We went skiing because we (well, mostly me) needed to dust off our skiing skills before going to Colorado next month to go skiing with Jon and Liz.  Luckily, I only fell once and it was on a blue run so there is a little dignity in that.  At least it wasn’t a green. 😉  Check out our pictures from our trip to the White Mountains.  (Also, our 2008 holiday photos are up in the gallery.)  We’ll post more skiing pictures late next month once we get back from Colorado.

One thought on “Skiing…in Arizona?

  1. I think Skiing in AZ is more believable than skiing Iowa – at least you have actual mountains in AZ. We call bluffs and “large hills” mountains here.


    The English major in me hates misnomers.

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