Pre-Bachelor Party Ski Trip

colorado skiingI’m a little late in posting this – been playing catch-up this past week. I was able to get in a long weekend pre-bachelor party skiing in Colorado last weekend. Initially it would have been me and the best man challengers (Jon, Kieran, Corey), but Corey wasn’t able to make it since he’ll be moving to Chicago in the near future (a little thing like where to live and where to work got in the way). We understand Corey! So Kieran and I road-tripped across the long, flat, BORING state of Nebraska out to Denver on Friday. We met up with Jon (who lives there) and then went skiing at Copper Mountain Saturday and Sunday, then returned (across the long flat boring state of Nebraska) Monday. Did I mention that Nebraska is long and boring. It was good to be able to get away for a little while. It was Kieran’s first try and mountain skiing, and he did pretty well. I think I can say a good time was had by all. We even did an impromptu Best Man Challenge on Saturday night (Corey called it in). We had a few three-way games of Rock Paper Scissors. So Corey was there in spirit (or at least via cell phone). We’ve got a few photos from the trip up in Kieran’s Flickr account, or in Jon’s photo site. You’ll may also notice in a few of the photos, I pulled out some mad dance moves, which apparently has become a normal thing to do after skiing. Some how Jump on it always seems to get played when we get back from the mountains… hmmm (this old fresh prince video will give you the general idea).

2 thoughts on “Pre-Bachelor Party Ski Trip

  1. Awesome video, now I completely get the dance. This trip was AWESOME! Really rejuvenating, aside from driving across boring, flat and demoralizing Nebraska.

  2. Can’t believe you came out to CO and didn’t look me up. I was even at copper 3 days before you were. Next time you are out here, give me a call…


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