Photos Are Up!

The Photos have been uploaded to the gallery. They might be a bit out of order at the moment and they still need titles and descriptions. We’ll get to that eventually, but right now… Scott need sleepy!

Thanks to everyone that left comments! The response was a bit overwhelming today when we got into Miami and started checking this site’s comments and our e-mail! We really appreciate it! Stay tuned to the site… Jess has been trained on how to post so I’m sure there will be more thrilling stuff coming as soon as we catch up on sleep.

5 thoughts on “Photos Are Up!

  1. everything looks wonderful! i must admit that the pictures of the lizard and the mini golf were sort of anti-climactic after the proposal!

  2. That lizard nearly attacked me… and those mini-golf pictures aren’t just mini-golf pictures. They’re ENGAGED Scott and Jess mini-golf pictures.

  3. Jess I am kind of disappointed in you… I thought you had been trained to post??! Come on now, get on the ball! 🙂

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