Skiing in Steamboat

We just returned from a great trip to Steamboat, Colorado. We met Corey and Becky in Ames and then made the LONG trek west where we met Jon and Liz (who had a shorter drive from Denver). We skied for three days, and while the weather was cold (-18 on day one), we wore a lot of layers and had a great time.


Deep in the Heart of…

We recently took a quick jaunt to Austin, TX. Jess had a couple of law school fairs to attend, and I tagged along for the ride. We were able to hang out with several friends while we were there as well as eat some good food. While Jess was law school fairing it, I camped out for what I was told was the best BBQ ever. I had nothing better to do, so we waited in line for four hours, and I can now say that the wait was worth it. I think it was probably the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Thank you Franklin Barbecue!

European Cruise

IMG_0043The photos have been up for a while… a post has taken a bit longer. Back in early May, we took a cruise through Europe. We started by flying to Rome, where we saw some ruins and took a tour of the Vatican. From Rome we took a train to Civitavecchia where we boarded our ship (The Legend of the Seas). We sailed to Genoa, Italy, then Marseille, France, Barcelona, Spain, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Valencia, Spain and back to Rome where we caught a long flight home. We saw many castles and cathedrals, and ate some wonderful food. It was a fun trip, and I wish we were still there!

Check out our (MANY!) photos.


Winter is upon us here in Eastern Iowa. Scott tried out the new snowthrower (yes, you read that right…snowTHROWER…just like it said on the box) and we’ve both decided it was the best money we have ever spent at Costco.

Epic Thanksgiving Extravaganza

It has been a busy few days. We hosted (a very large) Thanksgiving at our house this year. My parents, Jess’s parents, Joanna, little Sam, Ben, his parents, his sisters, a friend or two, my aunt and uncle and brother came to the turkey celebration in our new basement (the only area large enough for that many people). Ben smoked a turkey and we fried a turkey in the back yard. Thankfully (ha! get it? Thanksgiving… thankful?) it was a nice day to stand over a turkey fryer. I believe we also had some smoked ham mixed in there for good measure. I think everyone had a good time, and we all ate too much!

On Black Friday, we went to the Iowa Nebraska football game. The weather from the previous day unfortunately did not hold. It was a blustery cold day in Kinnick, and the Hawks did not pull off the upset that we had hoped… oh well, there’s always next year.

Check out the photos (and turkey-frying video) below.