Our -1st Anniversary

Iowa BarToday is officially our -1st anniversary! It’s now exactly one year until the big day. Planning is going well. We’ve got the big things taken care of (church, reception/food, photographer). The small details should fall into place. We’ve got plenty of time to figure those pieces out… even though one year is probably going to fly by.

I thought I’d also give an update on what Jess has been up to since she graduated law school back in May. She’s been studying like mad for the Iowa bar so she can officially be a lawyer. She takes the bar in just a couple weeks, July 24-26th (yes, THREE long days of testing!). After the bar, starting August 1st, she’ll be clerking for a judge in Davenport for a year. She’s got an apartment out there all set up and somewhere in the 4 days between the end of the bar and her start date she’ll get moved and settled in on the east side of the state. That means I’ll get to travel a different (thankfully shorter) stretch of I-80 for a while when I got to visit. I’m sure I’ve missed some details, so when things calm down a bit Jess will fill you in on the details.

3 thoughts on “Our -1st Anniversary

  1. Happy -1 Anniversary, Scott and Jess!

    I can’t believe it’s already been -1 year … The ceremony seems like it was just tomorrow …

  2. mike prohibited me from celebrating our -1 anniversary. before i even said anything about celebrating! he knows me too well!

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