More Painting

It was another busy day for housework today. When we bought the green paint for the kitchen last month, we also bought some tan paint for the living room. The paint found its way out of the bucket and onto the walls this morning. Like before, we put together a time lapse of the process. I wish it had gone as fast as the time lapse makes it look.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

3 Replies to “More Painting”

  1. Hey, I really enjoyed this! We’re in the middle of some painting ourselves and this is inspiring. Sorry I missed you in IC, earlier. Hope to make it to Tucson one of these days. Best to both of you.

  2. it’s amazing how it takes so much longer than you would think, isn’t it? it look great though! we spent a good deal of time this weekend hanging/staining/painting a door. 🙂

  3. Loved your house! We enjoyed our visit!

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