More Basement Work

A good deal has happened since the last basement update. After lugging all of that drywall down to the basement (thanks again Kieran!), we found someone to hang it, and then our friend Tim did a great job taping and mudding (thanks Tim!). Once the drywall was all finished, we had a couple painting parties – one with my parents and Kieran, and one with Jess’s parents to prime. We used about 30+ gallons between priming and painting, and are still finding little spots to touch up. We are currently on the tail end of round three. Our contractor has finished up the basement, an electrician has hooked everything up, and the plumber installed the toilet, shower and sink. There are just a few small pieces of trim to hang before the carpet gets laid next week. Then we can finally set up some furniture and enjoy our new living space. Below are WAY too many photos of the process… enjoy!

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  1. YEAH!! I am happy to see that you are making progress on my bedroom. I was happy to see the color, it looks great. Keep up the good work, it will be done soon.

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