Let the Madness Begin!

But this is a good madness. The big moving week is finally here, and it’s going to be crazy. Last week the final pieces to the big house puzzle fell into place. Jess was in Michigan for her grandmother’s funeral, so I got to participate in the final walk-through of the house. Everything looked really good. There were a few areas that needed to be touched up, but really nothing major needed to be done before we get the keys. They even had a lovely banner up on the front of the house for us (see the previous post). Then last Thursday morning I signed all the papers. Since Jess wasn’t able to be there, I had power of attorney and got to sign my name, and her name about a million times (my hand still smarts a bit). Now we just sit and wait for everything to go through. Actually, we’re really not doing much sitting, it’s packing time. This weekend we’re putting everything we own into boxes in preparation for the move on Tuesday morning. We were originally going to do all the smaller stuff (boxes… furniture) in our cars, plus Nancy and Robert’s pickup, and Brian’s pickup, but today decided to get a small UHaul for an in-town move. We figured it was worth it, and we wouldn’t need to make as many trips back and forth. So bright and early Tuesday morning, we pick up the truck, and head over with the first load and get our keys at 10am. Then on Wednesday, we have movers coming to get the big stuff (furniture!). After moving everything back in August, we are absolutely confident that movers are worth the money, given we’re on the 2nd floor, and about a half block from the parking lot where the truck will be parked. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be totally moved into our new house by Wednesday night. WOO HOO! Just in time for Jess to head out of town on Thursday and Friday for work. Then, she has to take off for a training in Washington DC the following Monday for the rest of that week. I’m joining her for a little vacation that Thursday. Some of her friends from law school live out there (looking forward to seeing you Megan and Jason!) and we’ll be bumming around DC with them. Then we’ll both be flying back on Monday, the 9th. Like the title of this post says… madness! We won’t actually spend a full week in our new house for another few weeks. Oh well, it will be nice to come home to. That’s when the home improvement will begin. We will need to do some major unpacking, painting, and we still need blinds for the entire house. It’ll all get done in due time I’m sure. We’ll be posting photos throughout the whole process – so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Let the Madness Begin!

  1. Looks really good. You are so lucky to have a nice new home to move into. Looks just like the model we walked through. Take your time doing the inside…. you have lots of time to finish it just the way you want it to be. Good bye to apt. living for you two!

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