6 thoughts on “I PASSED!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS JESS! You are a rock star. We both had all the confidence in your abilities. Good luck getting your “Lawyer” on!

    Tina and Kieran

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! You worked really hard and I know it wasn’t easy. Now you are one!!! It will be nice having a lawyer in the family and we promise not to tell toooooo many lawyer jokes.

  3. Hi Jessica, I thought that it would be funny to google myself and i did and I found you! I thought that it was really strange b/c my name is also Jessica Malott and I am married to Scott. ‘Course my name wasn’t Malott before I married him, it was Nelson…but how wierd! Don’t you think so? Do you pronounce your name like “Muh-lot” or “Mallet”? We say it like “Muh-lot”. Where in Iowa are you guys ? We are from northern Missouri–not too far from Iowa. Well, congrats on the law thing and your marriage to Scott! 🙂
    a fellow “Jessica”,
    Jessica Malott from Missouri

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