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First of all, thank you everyone for your posts. Scott and I are truly blessed to have such great friends and family. I apologize for not posting sooner. Don’t worry…Scott has already scolded me.
I thought I would write about the proposal from my perspective… After we went swimming in the ocean, Scott told me he wanted to get another picture from the top of the cliff with the ocean and the ruins in it. We walked back to “the spot” and took a look around for someone to take our picture. I kept saying that we should just ask anybody to take our picture because even if the person didn’t speak English, everyone knows how to take a picture. But Scott was adamant that we find someone who speaks English. Finally we found our photographer. At this point I wasn’t really paying attention because we had taken so many pictures already throughout the day. When Scott came over to stand by me, all of a sudden he was down on one knee. A part of me thought that he was tying his shoe or something. But then he looked up and asked me to marry him! Unfortunately it took me about a full minute to register that he was really asking me to marry him! And yes, I did ask if he was serious. I truly was not expecting his proposal. In my defense, we have been on lots of vacations before and he has never asked me to marry him on any of those.

So once I gathered my thoughts, I said yes. I didn’t stop shaking for a while. I still haven’t stopped looking at my ring. 😉

5 thoughts on “From my perspective

  1. I present a challenge to you, Jess; see if you can post to this blog more than my wife posts to ours. Shouldn’t be hard. In fact, with this (your first post) I think you already have her outnumbered.

  2. my answer to mike’s proposal was to laugh. he had to ask again. in my defense, he was not on one knee and he didn’t have the ring with him.
    you’ll get used to the ring. then it will be funny to watch scott get used to his!

  3. Congrats to you!! And in response to the lack of blogging posts on my behalf, all I have to see is Oisin and Brom. I have no time for blog posts. I am making this one exception to congratulate you, because it is a very important moment in your life.

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