Fall Photo Catch-up Post

Minnesota GameWe’re a bit behind on our photo updates, so here are a few albums that made it to the photo gallery that we forgot to tell you about. Though I bet all two of you who follow this site religiously already know about them. For the rest of you, here are the albums you missed.

Arizona Vacation
We took a trip back to Phoenix and Tucson at the end of September and beginning of October. It was good to see friends and family out in the desert again.

Kinnick Spirit Game
For the Iowa/Northwestern game a few weeks back, they did the striped black and gold sections again, as well as a cool card stunt before the game. We all held up cards to make a big red white and blue stars and stripes, as well as a black and gold ANF (America Needs Farmers) and Go Hawks design.

Homecoming 2011
Even though we got season tickets this year, we decided to participate in alumni band again. We marched the pre-game show, and gave our seats to my parents.

Minnesota Game
Jess and I traveled to Minneapolis last weekend to see an UGLY game between Iowa and Minnesota (we lost). But we did stay with some friends, and had a good time otherwise.

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