Extreme Office Makeover: Iowa Edition

Well, we liked it so much before, we decided to do it again. We performed another office (A.K.A. The Command Center) makeover with Elfa shelves. We started last Friday night by clearing out the room. It wasn’t that hard since we hadn’t really set the room up completely after our move-in. We taped (UGH!), and painted the room. This time around, we chose a bit darker color grey than last time (official name: Summit Grey). We had already worked with The Container store to design and build a desk/shelving plan, which the nice FedEx man delivered on Saturday morning. So after a little touch-up pain (hey, we’re not perfect!), we started installing the desk and shelves. It went a little faster this time since we’d done it before. But we still had our share of mess-ups (a few things were on backwards… oops!). So the past few days we’ve been unpacking the office boxes that have been sitting in the garage since our move, and getting things situated. You can see the before and after photos below, as well as the standard time lapse video. We’re really happy with the results… again!

Music: Kevin MacLeod


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  1. Aunt Nancy says:

    Office makeover looks great. What other projects are you going to attempt since this one went very fast?

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