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So the bar exam is FINALLY behind me (at least I hope it’s behind me). Things have been happening pretty fast since then. I moved from Des Moines to Davenport two days after I took the bar with the help of Scott and my family. They deserve a lot
of thanks because I had collected a ton of stuff in my apartment over three years. Let’s just say that our cars were pretty darn full. My new apartment is great. I love it! (see pic) Once I get pictures from my digital camera uploaded I will add more pictures to the website.

I started my new job as a law clerk at the Scott County Courthouse on Tuesday, August 1. I am really excited to be working! Translation: I haven’t had a paycheck in three years and I’m thrilled to be getting paid. Everything has been going well so far. I look forward to working there for the year.

Now that school is over and the bar is over I promise to be more diligent in posting!

3 thoughts on “Davenport

  1. The apartment looks great! At least you will likely not have to worry about having your car broken into, or have some crazy construction workers throw a piece of plywood through your window! 😉

  2. Jess Mallott! Your blog came up on a google search for the brown deer golf club. Craziness! Congrats on your graduation from law school & your engagement!

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