BMC #2: Trivia Answers

Scott Trivia

  1. What is Scott’s favorite flavor of Mentos?
    A: would have accepted grape or peach
    Jon: Peach (+1)
    Corey: Trick Question, Scott Loves them all. (true, but I do have favorites +1/2)
    Kieran: Grape (+1)
  2. What is Scott’s favorite color?
    A: dark green
    Jon: Blue (+0)
    Corey: Taupe. Who doesn’t love Taupe. Second favorite – Green. (+1)
    Kieran: Blue (+0)
  3. Name two of Scott’s top 5 favorite movies.
    A: Magnolia, Rain Man, Donnie Darko, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
    Jon: Magnolia, Garden State (+1)
    Corey: Rain Man, Magnolia, Donnie Darko. Oops, that was three. (+1)
    Kieran: Magnolia and Garden State (+1)
  4. What is Scott’s favorite Culver’s treat?
    A: chocolate eclair flavored custard
    Jon: Custard? Butterburger? Maybe a custard butterburger? (+0)
    Corey: Hot Fudge Sundae (+0)
    Kieran: Rootbeer float (+0)
  5. Where did Scott work before U of Iowa?
    A: Iowa Public Television
    Jon: I don’t know how far back you are referring to, Radio Station (KJAN), RA, Magician, multimedia specialist in The University of Iowa Department of Physiology and Biophysics, instructional designer at Iowa Public Television in Des Moines (+2)
    Corey: A little place called IPTV. It was magical. (it was magical! +1)
    Kieran: Iowa Public Television (+1)
  6. What was Scott’s major in college? (extra point if you can name his minor)
    A: Major: Communications, Media Productions Minor: Art, Graphic Design
    Jon: Spanish, UWA (underwater basket weaving) (-1 spanish +1 UWA +0 total)
    Corey: Major: Communications Minor: Tae Kwan Do (+1/2)
    Kieran: Communications, minor in Film (+1/2)
  7. True or False: Scott drank bleach as a child.
    A: sad, but true
    Jon: false (+0)
    Corey: true (+1)
    Kieran: true (+1)
  8. Name two of Scott’s high school jobs.
    A: Atlantic Theater, Lifeguard, KJAN Disc Jockey, Darkroom monkey
    Jon: Radio Station, Darkroom for Fredrick’s Photography (+1)
    Corey: Theatre Employee Extraordinaire and Radio Station Disc Jockey (+1)
    Kieran: Radio DJ in Atlantic, Movie theater employee (+1)

Jess Trivia

  1. What is Jess’s favorite flavor of Mentos?
    A: Green Apple
    Jon: Mint (+0)
    Corey: Strawberry (+0)
    Kieran: apple (+1)
  2. What was Jess’s major in college?
    A: Spanish & Communications
    Jon: Political Science? English? (+0)
    Corey: Scott’s very favorite subject, Spanish (+1)
    Kieran: Spanish (pre-law) (+1)
  3. Where did Jess go to law school?
    A: Drake
    Jon: Drake (+1)
    Corey: Drake University in beautiful Des Moines, IA (+1)
    Kieran: Drake (+1)
  4. What city does Jess live in now?
    A: Davenport, IA
    Jon: Davenport (+1)
    Corey: A little place called Davenport, where the beer flows like wine (it does flow like wine there! +1)
    Kieran: Davenport (+1)

Scott & Jess Trivia

  1. What year in college were Scott and Jess when they went on their first date?
    A: Scott:Sr. Jess: Jr.
    Jon: Jess Junior, Scott Senior (+1)
    Corey: Scott was a Senior and Jess was a Junior. (+1)
    Kieran: Scott – senior, Jess – junior (+1)
  2. What flavor of Mentos did Jess and Scott have the day they got engaged?
    A: Green Apple (see the wrapper)
    Jon: Green Apple Mentos (+1)
    Corey: Green Apple (+1)
    Kieran: grape (+0)
  3. Name the Mexican ruin where Jess and Scott got engaged.
    A: Tulum
    Jon: Tulum (+1)
    Corey: Tulum -I feel it is worth noting that I cheated for the last two answers and looked at the archives of (not cheating, resourcefulness +1)
    Kieran: Tulum (+1)

Bonus Questions (extra points!)

  1. What movie did Scott and Jess see on their first date?
    A: Save the Last Dance
    Jon: Don’t know, but it was at Coral Ridge. I think ice skating was involved, just like Rocky and Adrian (or maybe I made that up) (you did make that up, but I like it! +1)
    Corey: I have no idea (+0)
    Kieran: Magnolia (+0)
  2. Do you like Mentos?
    A: hopefully the answer to this one is obvious!
    Jon: I enjoyed them at my wedding. (more Mentos enthusiasm! +1/2)
    Corey: No, I LOVE Mentos (right answer! +1)
    Kieran: no, I LOVE them (right on! +1)

Totals (tight race!)

Jon: 11.5pts.
Corey: 13pts.
Kieran: 12.5pts.

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  1. Nancy Heather says:

    Jon – You won’t believe this, but this page just came up on my google blog search for Iowa Public Television! Woowie. Congrats to the couple, who I know not. May you have many happy Mentos! (Nancy Heather, IPTV!)

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