Best Man Challenge: Judges’ Bios

Introducing the panel of judges for the Best Man Challenge. These fine folks have dedicated their lives to rooting out the best best men around the coutry… and around the world!

Joanna Malott:
This is Joanna’s third time judging a Best Man Challenge. While she has been compared to Simon Cowell, she still is a very fair judge. In a best man, she looks for someone who is the perfect height, doesn’t lose things, plays well with others and is punctual. Her motto: May the best Best Man win.

Joanna’s interests include judging Best Man Challenges, shopping at Target, watching Grey’s Anatomy and making fun of anyone who has abnormally tiny hands.

Kevin Hockett:
Kevin marks his return to the United States Circuit of the Best Man Challenge after a 4 year stint in the Mexican League (a.k.a. El Desafío del Mejor Hombre) which was highlighted by his controversial selection of the masked luchador, El Gatito, for the Rodriguez-Goldstein Wedding.

When not judging best man competitions, Kevin can often be found hanging outside of convenience stores and trying to break into Judging Maid of Honor Challenges which he describes as “The Greatest Show on Earth, I mean really, some girls will do anything to be in a wedding party, let alone be the Maid of Honor. I can’t believe the things they’ll say and do to their best friends or siblings just to get the chance to be up there. Just think about what they’d do for a judge! Are you still recording this? Shut that off! I’ve got a reputation to keep you…….”

Carolyn Gunkel:
I am looking for the perfect guy to clean behind the refrigerator, wash the windows, and sweep out the garage. Wait . . . that’s my criteria for the Best Man Servant contest, not Best Man contest. Hmm. . . in that case, I will be fair and impartial in selecting whichever candidate makes me look the best. Impress me, boys!

(final say on all judging descisions goes to the groom)

One thought on “Best Man Challenge: Judges’ Bios

  1. I hope for the best Best Man’s sake the “bride’s hands” aren’t an influence when Joanna judges, lol

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