Another National Cake Day Comes and Goes

Whew… four holidays in one week! Ok, three of them were the same (Thanksgiving), and one is made up (National Cake Day). We drove up to Phoenix to see Grandma Jean on Wed night after work, and had a big Thanksgiving dinner on the actual day. Then on Friday, Jess had to work 🙁 but Scott got the day off 🙂 and did a little Christmas shopping. When Jess got off, we celebrated National Cake Day with a delicious whippped cream-topped angel food cake (see last year’s post on the origins of National Cake Day). Saturday we had to put on our Thanksgiving hats again and head over to Aunt Nancy and Uncle Robert’s for another dose of the Gobble-gobble Bird. It was a house full of people again, fortunately there was enough food to stuff us to the gills once again. We went home full. Sunday we headed back to Nancy and Robert’s with Brian (he had to work on Thansgiving) so he could celebrate with everyone as well. As always, there are new photos in the gallery. Needless to say we’ve had a lot of food in the past few days! Turkey + Cake + Turkey + Turkey = VERY FULL Scott and Jessica.

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