Announcing Scott’s Best Man Challenge

scott's bestman challenge

Contestants have been notified, judges have been rounded up, and it’s time for the official announcement of Scott’s Best Man Challenge!

Scott’s Best Man Challenge is a game of cunning, strategy, wit, and brute strength that will determine who is Scott’s best man. Three contestants will challenge each other in a game to raise above mere groomsman status for the honor of best man. Contestants must prove themselves worthy to hold and protect the ring and hand it over at the correct time. They must demonstrate adeptness in toast giving (humorous, yet touching but not too long). The best man must also show financial responsibility in the collection of cash for the dollar dance. Many qualities make up a good best man and this contest will run contestants through the gauntlet and see which one of them comes out on top to receive the coveted honor performing as the best man.

Scott’s Best Man Challenge will be composed of many separate smaller challenges tailored to bring out the qualities of a prime best man. Some of these challenges have yet to be determined. That’s where you come in, Oh valued internet readers. Let us know what you think would make a good best man. What would be a good test to determine whether our three contestants will stand up to the pressures that being a best man carries? Please comment and let us know… is it trivia? Feats of strength? Culinary skills? Anything! We want your input on how this challenge should proceed!

Keep an eye on this space in the near future as we announce contestants bios, judges bios and to watch the challenge unfold.

12 thoughts on “Announcing Scott’s Best Man Challenge

  1. CounterStrike:Source Tournament; that’s how it should be determined!
    Great idea, you say?
    Thanks, I thought so too. Think of all the things your contestants could demonstrate with this challenge! It would be an amazing way to find the “best” man!

  2. Anything that will put the contestants into embarassing circumstances, that can be photographed, and put together in a slide show to be shown before said best man’s toast ….

  3. Please ignore all the requirements above. Those skills listed (counter strike, taco eating, stilt walking) are not important. A best man requires real skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills… And if no one can fulfill those requirements, then a hat with names in it. Problem solved.

  4. What is this “Best man” contest?

    *I* am the best man.

    Look out, I’m about to kick something . . .

  5. The best test is to round up all of the most obnoxious relatives and see which contestant most adroitly and inconspicuously diverts them from pestering the lovely couple. 😛

  6. I wrote this while i was supposed to be writing a Vedic Religion paper!!
    I have helped create a few best man challenges in my day. For this one, we must go old school. The best man challenge must include….The BA Marathon. The BA Marathon must consist of a few events that will humble the strongest man or WWE superstar. This would most certainly be a most formidable task for even the man, the myth, the legend, Chad Greenway.

    The first event is what I like to call Tour De Food. In this event, the contestants will go to several establishments in the greater Iowa City/Coralville area to have some food. (I wouldn’t eat for like 2-3 days before hand) First stop is at Perkins for the Tremendous Twelve. We will then take a quick ride downtown for a stop at Pancheros, quick burrito snack (choice of steak, pork, or chicken of course). We will then slip out to Coral Ride Mall for our official lunch, at Bennigans. Can anyone say Big Irish? For a quick afternoon snack we are going to slip out to Lindy’s, just south of Iowa City, and have a pork tenderloin. For dinner, we are going to have a nice sit down at the Peking Buffet, before desert at Cold Stone Creamery.

    Event Two will test mental strength. Each contestant will get a driving tour of Iowa City, on a moped, where he will be required to remember key points or favorite spots of Scott and Jessica’s. While on the tour, the contestants must complete as many Sodoku puzzles as possible.

    Event Three is what I like to call Iowa River Catfish Wrastlin! This is where our lucky boys get the opportunity to dive into the Iowa River, snag a cat barehanded and wrestle it back to the shore. SCUBA gear is optional, I would recommend south side of the dam, and boys, size does matter!

    The Fourth and final event is the chauffer challenge. Where each of our potential best men must drive to certain points in the greater Iowa City/Coralville area, and take them to St. Andrew. The best man will be judged on time to the church, driving skill, what’s on the radio, quality of conversation, and creativity of route. There will be a total of 6 stops for each best man.

    Good Luck Gentlemen, and may the BEST MAN win!!
    ~Ben Out!

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