And the Answer Is…

Well, things didn’t exactly go as planned from what was mentioned in the previous post. We arrived on the boat Monday and were handed a piece of paper that told us we were no longer going to be visiting Cozumel, Mexico. Instead we would be going to Calica, Mexico. So as for popping the question on a dive trip in Cozumel… that was out.

After looking through the excursion choices for our new port of call, we decided to go diving in Key West instead. I did a little shuffling and decided to bring the ring and see what happens. Well we dove… but really couldn’t see much more than 5 feet in front of our faces. Jess decided to sit out the second dive so, back to the drawing board.

Plan B:
In Calica we decided to go on a tour of ancient Mayan ruins called “Tulum.” So what better place to pop out a ring and propose, right? We took the tour and then got some free time to explore on our own. We wandered around a bit and took a dip in the Caribbean. Under the guise of taking the perfect photo, I whispered to a random guy walking by that I’d asked to take our picture, “keep taking them, I’m going to propose!” He smiled and said OK. I dropped to my knee and pulled out the ring, to which Jess replied, “Are you serious???” I just smiled and said yes, and then she did too. We then had a celebratory roll of apple Mentos.

We’ll get pictures up as soon as we get back… looking forward to seeing you all and telling you about the trip.

on one knee

48 thoughts on “And the Answer Is…

  1. CONGRATS you two!! Excited to tell you both in person once back to the mainland. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip you engaged couple you!!

  2. Congratulations! That’s awesome. Hmm… what flavor Mentos for the wedding day?!?

  3. scott, we’re so glad you are going to be part of the fam…are you sure you want in on this crazy bunch? JK JK CONGRATS! we are so excited to see you both! love, your fam -dad, mom & jo

  4. Jess and Scott — How WONDERFUL!!! Way to go Scott — you’re such a great romantic! What an awesome picture . . . can’t wait to see you next week Jess 🙂

  5. YAY!!! We are so happy for you both! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back! Love ya!

  6. Welcome to the club, you two crazy love birds! Congrats and enjoy the rest of the cruise. . .

  7. CONGRATS GUYS!!! What a great setting! We were actually there on our honeymoon cruise. 🙂 Anyway, Amy and I are very happy for you both!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so happy for you, even if it wasn’t a total surprise to me. Really happy to have a daughter in the family. Talk to you soon.

  9. Wow, how exciting! We are very happy for both of you and are glad to welcome Scott into our family! Jess, I’m sure you’re bringing a t-shirt back for me right lol??? Love, The Seddon Fam

  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! It finally happened! And you got the
    answer you have been waiting for! Can’t wait to talk to you two. I would have been the first to
    congratulate you, but I have been in Omaha all day. Enyoy the sun and fun in Mexico.
    Love, Mom

  11. That lady (one post up) is CRAZY!! Congrats from your brothers. Does Jess know what she is marrying a dork that wears long socks with shorts. Too bad plan A didn’t pan out, But i can see why, with that ‘crayola plan’ you were follwing.

  12. Oh my GOD! Congratulations, you guys!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you — and I love the shocked expression, Jess — that picture is definitely worth a million words 🙂
    Love you both!

  13. Congratulations! I was just saying yesterday to a friend that this new site looks like it could make the easy transition to wedding announcement. 🙂

    I am happy for you both.

  14. What an amazingly, romantic site for a proposal! Under the sea or in ancient ruins! Who cares! The answer was the right one! We wish you a lifetime of laughter and love! We are so happy for you both! Welcome to the crazy Malott family, Scott!

  15. Scott;

    I don’t recall a formal request from you for your planned engagement to Jessica–must of slipped your mind with all of your planning. We can talk when you return.

    All the best to you both!!!!!!


    Dad Malott

  16. WOW, that’s awesome!! We’re so happy for you and what a great picture of the proposal! Your site is very cute, too. :o)

    Ben, Katie, Luke, & Baby

  17. I remember when Scott’s first mentioned his interest in Jessica. It was the talk of the RA’s 🙂 I’m happy to see that you’ve given us something else to talk about! Best wishes you two…

  18. Jess,

    Now we have two weddings to plan in the L. Rev. office! I was thinking your wedding could have a Robin or Barbi theme.

    Can’t wait to congratulate you in person!!!



    As the first of the fab five to get married, it’s about time you joined my club!

    Very excited for you both. Congrats again!

    Love, Kelly and Tim

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a romantic location and the background scenery made it extra special. AZ awaits your return and we can do something special. Hugs to both of you, Aunt Nancy & Uncle Robert

  21. yea! yea! yea! the announcement made me late for work this morning when the computer locked up on the way to the site! the suspense was almost too much! i’m so excited for you both!!! love you guys!

  22. PERFECT…… its very hard to talk underwater anyway….hahhahh Congrats……come visit… and we will dive…..

  23. congratulations guys! i’m so happy for you! it sounds like an amazing proposal adventure! i’m going to have to double my shipment of mentos, i suppose.

  24. Wow…. I don’t know what to say!!!! I can’t stop smiling right now- I am SO happy for you guys. Congratulations, truly.

  25. Scott & Jess,
    Congratulations! I couldn’t log onto this site all day and I was getting antsy! Glad I checked now and saw the great news. I’m looking forward to hearing even more details when you get back.

  26. Scott and Jess,

    Congratulations! Isn’t it funny how you can plan and plan and your proposal still doesn’t go quite the way you expected it to? Our big question is will anyone be doing the raptor walk down the aisle? Have fun on the cruise.

  27. The studio has been a buzz since we heard the news. Everyone at the studio is so excited for the both of you, and they should be since 2/3 of the studio is your relation. Congratulations and the best to both of you. Julie at Frederick’s

  28. Scott and Jess,

    Congratulations to one of the most spectacular couples I have ever met in my entire life. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.


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