A Week of Ups and Downs

scott_cohn.jpgLast week was a crazy one around here. It started on a high with a great concert on Monday night. We went to see my favorite singer/songwriter Marc Cohn at the Fox Theater in downtown Tucson. Right when we moved here (before I was employed) I got up early to buy tickets for this show. We lucked out and got seats front and center. The show was absolutely amazing. I’ve only seen him perform once before (don’t get me wrong it was an incredible show then), cohn_cd.jpgbut being right up front really makes a difference. He played a lot of stuff of his new CD, Join the Parade, and many old favorites as well (Walking in Memphis). Then after the show, to make a great evening even better, Marc was out front signing autographs, so we got to chat a bit and take a picture.

If you couldn’t guess, the concert was the “up” mentioned in the title. The “down” came later that night when I had a voice mail on my cell phone from my dad telling us that my grandmother had passed away. She was always so great to her grandkids (she spoiled us rotten!). She was a great lady and will definitely be missed. My brother posted a very appropriate poem on his blog. I made a quick unplanned trip to Iowa at the end of the week for the funeral. Jess was in South Carolina for a business trip so she wasn’t able to go with me. It was a sad trip, but was still good to see everyone, and celebrate what a wonderful life my grandmother had lived. We’ll miss you grandma.

Marie Rice 1924-2007

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