13.1 miles

Recently I got this crazy idea in my head to run a half marathon.  For those of you unfamiliar with distance racing, that’s 13.1 miles.  You’re probably thinking that I must be crazy…and you’re probably right.  I will be doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon in mid-January.  I have always harbored a secret desire to do a half marathon.  Luckily, I know some people who will be participating as well so I won’t have to go it alone.  So be thinking of me on January 13 as I’m running (and walking, I’m sure) my 13.1 miles!  My goal is to get it done in about 3 and a half hours, which is the amount of time it takes some people to do a full marathon!  (Marathoners…now THOSE are the crazy people).  I’ve been training for awhile now so hopefully I’ll be ready by the time January rolls around.

On another note, our weekends as of late have been filled with picking out tile, carpet, cabinets, countertops, etc. for our new house.  They’ll break ground within a week or so after our permitting has been cleared.  At this point, our house can’t be built soon enough.  Scott and I are pretty much over the apartment life and are ready to move into a house.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty of pictures to post in the near future as our house is built so stay tuned.

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